congratulations | BABY NEWS

It must be baby season!  My good friend called me just before Christmas to let me know she was pregnant again and on Christmas Eve, my sister Jodie also confirmed she was pregnant with her second baby.  I had just been visiting Jodie and her gorgeous family but suspected nothing as she was drinking wine with me...or so I thought.  It seems I'm easily fooled as she was tipping a little bit out each time I left the room or turned away.  Very sneaky! 

Congratulations Jodie, Bill and Sarah! Y

celebration | CHRISTMAS

Well this year's Christmas was certainly interesting for me.  It was always going to be quiet with my husband's parents joining us for lunch.  What I didn't expect is to spend the entire afternoon and night sick.  I won't provide you with any of the gory details but suffice to say, its not something I want to repeat in a hurry.  No one else was sick, so we can't blame the food.  I didn't drink that much so don't think it was the alcohol.  So, it shall remain a mystery. 

Here are some pics of all things Christmas 2010.

celebration | GRADE 7 GRADUATION

A little while ago, I mentioned the cupcake tower I was doing for a Grade 7 Graduation.  Finally I have some pics of the finished product.  It was a very hot afternoon and the tower was set up right near the window but from all accounts it held up to the heat. This was my first attempt at baking with "no egg" - an egg substitute as one of the girls has an egg allergy and I was pretty happy with the result but you could certainly tell something was different in terms of how the cupcakes looked.  I didn't think the taste was affected though, so that was good!