Each year a group of us girls get together to bake cupcakes for the annual Cupcake Day for the RSPCA. This year it was held on a Monday so I wasn't able to bake but I did make all of the cupcake picks - 20 dozen! They even roped in some of the boys this time. As usual, it was a huge success and they raised over $800.



It is safe to say that Maddy loves lollies.  LOVES them!  So it was no surprise when she asked for a Lolly Party.  With a Lolly Cake.  And lots of lollies.  She didn't really care what else, as long as there were lollies, lollies and more lollies.  

So lollies is what she got in the form of a Sweet Shoppe party.

Maddy's guests were invited to the party in the form of a lollipop invitation.  

The invitations design was carried through to the Sweet Shoppe signage including the Open and Closed signs as well as the labels on the lolly jars.

All of the party guests played games to win 'money' that they could spend at the Sweet Shoppe. But what a great Shoppe this was because it didn't matter how much money you had, you could have all you wanted.  

Maddy's little sister Nikki was the Shoppe keeper and just loved her job and took it VERY seriously!

Maddy's cake was a chocolate mud with lollies bursting out of it.

Happy Birthday Maddy!