Three years ago on my birthday, my gorgeous niece Paris was born.  She is such a bundle of energy and character.  She always has a huge smile on her face and her forced smiles make me giggle every time I see one.  Her latest trick is to do the splits and she spent a good amount of time at her party showing us her technique!  Those photos however are not for public consumption...then again, they will come in VERY handy for her 21st!!  She loves her BFF Danielle (yes, apparently even 3 year olds already have BFFs) and had a fun afternoon eating lots of sugar and then bouncing it all off on the trampoline.

~ The birthday girl ~

The dessert table included donuts (courtesy of donut king - I certainly wasn't making these!), vanilla pink and orange cake and cupcakes, fresh fruit kebabs, pink and orange M&M cookies, Tim Tam Pops (these were a bigger hit with the parents than the kids), hershey's kisses and water and juice to wash it all down.  Rebecca made yummy hot food and sandwiches for the guests as well.

The birthday girl's beautiful mumma Rebecca and all her gorgeous girls.  Oh, plus the one still cooking.  Imagine what's in store if its a boy, with those four sisters.

Ha! Even the mums had fun working off the sugar!

A very special rendition of Happy Birthday from her big sister Nikki.

Things got very quiet and Paris disappeared towards the end of the party.  This is where we found her!  The sign of a good party when the birthday girl is asleep on the floor :)

The usual thanks. First to Rebecca for letting me indulge my passion and hold these parties for her girls.  To my Mum for calming me down when I think everything is going wrong.  To the wonderful ladies out is cyberspace who continue to inspire me, I really cannot believe the depth of talent out there!

And to Paris for being the absolutely adorable person she is becoming.  I hope you had a fun day!



  1. I love the last picture of the party girl!! Adorable and I only wish I could have you throw a party of this mangantude for your nephew over here in the States..hmmmmm a boy party?? It would have to be called "lizards and snakes" or "4-wheelers and dirt"

  2. I'm sure we can work something out Sarah! I'll put my thinking cap on! xx