My Nana and I had a special relationship. I lived with her for a few years during the week so that I could attend a private school that was too far away from where we lived for me to travel each day.  Nana was separated from my grandfather so it was just the two of us.  Although she had also lived next door to us when I was smaller, I guess it was this constant contact that built such a strong friendship and bond.  She called me 'my girl' and we had the sort of relationship that was probably better than that of a mother and daughter.  

When I was in high school, on a whim, I'd jump off the bus and find my way to her place to stay for the weekend and call Mum and Dad to tell them I wouldn't be home.  When I was in Uni, I'd drive home for the weekend and stay with her and when I first started working, I'd drive to her place for lunch every day. 

Like most people in my family, I struggled to deal with my grief when she died.  I remember talking to another girl at work who had a similar relationship with her grandmother and she told me how after her grandmother died, she saw her sitting in a chair in their hallway.  Not a dream, she was actually there.  Oh how I wanted that to happen to me, that I could see her one more time.  It never did, but I've never given up hope that one day it might Y

Last time I was at my mother's I started writing down some of my Nana's recipes.  All were handwritten and one of the books had her maiden name written on it.  My grandmother was 88 when she died 14 years ago.  She was married in her early 20s. My mum and I think these recipes must be around 80 years old.  Is that possible?  I must admit I have no clue if there were even ovens or writing books 80 years ago but with her maiden name on these books, I'm guessing they must be that old.

The one I made today was called a Chocolate Layer Cake and had no cooking instructions. There were ingredients listed and there were mixing instructions but they stopped there, so I had to guess.  I think it worked out pretty good!!

The icing on this cake is a buttercream and that rose pattern was inspired by i am baker.  She does some amazing stuff, I'm always checking out her blog for inspiration though as you can tell by my attempt at this, inspiration doesn't always translate to talent! J

Because my cake was chocolate, the crumb coating wasn't enough to cover all of the brown colour so I had to fill it up with extra roses.  Well that's my excuse anyway!  You can check out her tutorial for the rose pattern here

Wow, I didn't intend for that to be such a long post!  Just one more thing. If you like this cake stand, I got mine from Tracey Lau Art & Soul.  Check out her blog for more details.


  1. Oh, those rose flourishes on the icing are so lovely! Would make a beautiful bridal shower cake!

  2. Thanks Lissa, and thanks for checking us out on facebook!