My sister is visiting from Melbourne in early March and because we haven't spent a birthday with my niece since she was born, we're going to throw her a slightly belated 2nd birthday party!  Ok, so I guess we've only missed two, but still...or maybe its just any excuse for a party and for me to indulge in this relatively new passion of mine.

I asked Jodie if she had a theme in mind and she told me that Sarah is fascinated by the butterfly lampshade I gave her for Christmas.  I also remembered that Sarah just LOVES freckles (the lollies, not the skin pigmentation)!  So butterflies and freckles are my inspiration.  And of course my pretty little niece Sarah!

In my search for all things butterfly, I found an amazing butterfly brooch on Etsy by the fabulous Lara from Classic Keepsakes. She is in the US though, so fingers crossed it turns up in time for the party!  It is silver with a coloured stone and for Sarah's brooch, the stone will be purple.  I'm absolutely taken with this and am seriously considering getting one of these in a ring for myself!  If you like this as well, you should definitely check out her Etsy store and grab something for yourself!

(You can find this pic here)

I'm so excited. I think maybe one of the frustrating things about just starting out is that you just can't wait for your next party.  I'm truly looking forward to the day that I'm so busy, I'll be wishing there are more days between parties! Y


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