design | A SISTER'S ROOM

So this week, a lady at work - Diana - showed me the room she has been decorating for her sister for her 50th birthday.  It was so pretty, all of the little touches held special meaning for her and her sister.  The personal touches were amazing.

She had placed books around that her sister loves.  The handmade cushions were flawless.  She collected perfect shells from the beach.  She used a piece of lace that belonged to their grandmother. She found a tea pot similar to one that was owned by their grandmother.  She put paintings on the walls that their grandfather had painted, including one of their mother. She made an antique necklace out of seed beads that belonged to their great great grandmother and left it in the room. She even made a replica dream catcher that had a lot of meaning to both of them. 

What makes this room even more amazing is that all of this is in miniature, in the form of a Room Box!  I'd never heard of it before and I honestly couldn't stop looking at it and taking photos of it and saying 'OMG Diana'.  It really was so perfectly done.  Its not quite finished yet, there will be glass walls around the other sides but Diana is going on leave and we all wanted to see it so she had to bring it in unfinished.  Still pretty darn impressive!

I could never do this.  I don't have the patience.  It would have been smashed into a thousand pieces a thousand times and then some.  I'm just in awe of people who can.  

Well done Diana!



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